As we slowly return back to normal and we start to see Wales dip its toe in the water and allow sectors and businesses reopen. The Government contacted driving safe and I am pleased to say that we are allowed to start teaching pupils and restart lessons on Monday 27th July 2020.


We have been preparing for this for a long time and lots of things will be different Im sure. The main thing that I want to say is that Keeping you, the pupil, Covid-19 safe and vehicle safe; are our top priorities at this moment in time.


My guess is that regarding theory tests and practical test, the DVSA may well take some time to clear the backlog; But. I remain upbeat on this and although right across the industry it will be a phased return to work, how quickly or slowly that will be must take into account to factors which included how many  driving instructors can still trade and how many DVSA examiners are able to work due to shielding ect. Also the possibility of a local increase in Covid-19.


PPE therefore is more than critical for the forseeable future for us, but it will enable public confidence and allow it to grow. which will give us the best possible protection in car, and business wise the chance of moving forward locally and getting back to normality as quickly as possible. 




1. Driving Lessons can start again on Monday 27th July 2020 this is either for New Starters or Pupils who need refresher lessons or further practice leading towards test standard.


2. Theory tests will resume on 3rd August 2020 for the general public. The DVSA will contact anyone with a test booked up until then to reschedule it.


3. Practical Driving tests will start again in Wales on Monday the 17th August 2020 which will give learner drivers time to have refresher lessons and practice before taking their test.


4. If you want to start to learn to drive? or need  to have refresher lessons? or need to have further practice driving on town,country roads or motorway ? Then you need to either contact Sian direct on    07568570315


or message her through our Facebook Page "Driving Safe School of Motoring". This will ensure that we can find a time slot that fits you or put you on a list until the right one becomes available.     



Robert Whyard ADI  





1. Driving Lessons are taken in 2 hour Sessions (not 1 hour)


2. The Car will be sanitized prior to your lesson door handles, steering wheel, seat, gear stick ect.

3. Sanitized seat covers after every pupil


4. on arrival you will be texted stating that it is safe to enter the vehicle


5. You will be given a bag containing disposable latex free gloves and 3 layer face mask and a bag to put your money in for the lesson


6. On completion of the lesson you will take your bag, gloves and mask to dispose of in your own recycling.


7. I will be wearing a face mask and a face shield plus gloves giving us the best possible protection of covid-19


8. you will also have access to hand sanitizers and wipes at the beginning and end of the lesson keeping you covid secure.


9. individual driver training will take place a program designed for you with no car sharing 


10. No temperature checks will be taken as you have your own responsibility to decided if you have covid 19 symptoms ie sore throat,temperature,loss of taste, difficulty breathing. And if you do to contact NHS track and trace and self isolate for 14 days or follow there instructions.


11.Should you inform us that you have covid19 symptoms and cancel your lesson ,you will not be charged for the lesson. we could not restart lessons with you for 14 days minimum and will be dependant on your physical fitness for lessons showing no symptoms.


12. Cancellation of lessons can happen when life throws a curved ball at you and you cannot make the lesson. All I ask is that you give me 48 hrs notice so that I can reschedule the time slot. Under that time frame I will have to charge you the price of the lesson to cover loss of earnings


13 Our cost for the 2 hour lesson is £56 which is £28 per hour competitive to local instructors. Even though the price of PPE cuts into our earnings, we want to provide the best possible service in the Bridgend area, but  having said that it may well have to increase in the future depending on how long PPE is required.


14. No Block Booking at this moment in time or deals, just pay as you go. It would be helpful if you could have the right amount of money which will be taken at the beginning of the lesson.



Robert Whyard ADI 



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So who are we and what areas do we work in ?



We have been operating for over 8 years which is not as long as some but longer than most instructors in the Bridgend area. 2019 over 17 passes under 5 minors 1st attempt.


If you contact us you will first speak to sian who books in new pupils and runs our successful FB page.  whilst I concentrate on coaching and teaching driver skills.


So we are small but very effective team, delivering one to one driver training designed to every pupils individual needs. 


We work in the following areas Bridgend, The Vale, Port Talbot, Neath  including motorway M4 training


The vehicle of choice for teaching for me is a new peugot 208 which after trying other vehicles ticks all the boxes in all areas and pupils love it!


Our ethos is safe driving for life, and to that extent I take pupils out of Bridgend so that they can extend thier skill base on roads a bit different to the Bridgend norm ,including central Cardiff yes we are a bit different but to be an effective driver you must be able to read the road when you are outside your comfort zone.


So by now I guess you are getting some idea that we mean business when it comes to your training and safety. So maybe check out our prices and see what you think. 



robert whyard adi