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Whats Involved in learning to drive?


So you want to learn to drive? where do you start ? who do you ask for help ? what car do learn in? will the instructor be good enough and how much is this going to cost?


Are just some of the things I guess are going through your mind right now 


well hopefully, we can give you a good general overview about  what it will really take to get you on the road, through your test and most importantly ,safe to drive on the road with family and friends.


At this early stage you need to consider a couple of things which can help you in the decision making process


1. Do you want to learn to drive for yourself or are you learning to drive for the benefit of others ,parents for example? In other words what is your motivation for driving, once established this can help you and be a major driving force in obtaining a full UK driving license.


2. Can you commit to regular driving lessons? Because if you cannot maybe consider doing this at a time when you can is a better solution, as consistency is a key factor in learning to drive well.


3. How much will this cost and how long will it take? A difficult question for anyone to answer, but is almost certainly the most  asked when first learning to drive.


Lets look at how long this is going to take, everyone is different in  the way they learn; everyone has different levels of driver experience from complete beginner to test resits. And although how long is a piece of string  is very relevant it is not quite enough for you to gauge is this for you.


The DVSA recommend that a complete beginner requires at least 45 hours with an ADI and 20 hours with family and to be honest some people can take longer until they reach the stage when they can put their hand on their heart and say "that they  are comfortable driving on their own with children in the back screaming for mcdonalds and remain safe". 


Okay the final reality check cost the average price for driving lessons around the Bridgend area is £25 per hour with some less and some much more. 


So you are now eqipped to make an informed choice the only other thing to consider is who? read on and check out our FB page with reviews and videos from real people who have passed with us. Then hopefully I may see you soon.


Any questions that spring to mind to help you in your discision making process contact us maybe the first step in the right direction to reach your goal.


Kind regards 




Robert Whyard ADI  





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so who are we and what areas do we work in ?



We have been operating for over 7 years which is not as long as some but longer than most instructors in the Bridgend area. 2019 over 17 passes under 5 minors 1st attempt.


If you contact us you will first speak to sian who books in new pupils and runs our successful FB page.  whilst I concentrate on coaching and teaching driver skills.


So we are small but very effective team, delivering one to one driver training designed to every pupils individual needs. 


We work in the following areas Bridgend, The Vale, Port Talbot, Neath and Swansea including motorway M4 training


The vehicle of choice for teaching for me is a new peugot 208 which after trying other vehicles ticks all the boxes in all areas and pupils love it!


Our ethos is safe driving for life, and to that extent I take pupils out of Bridgend so that they can extend thier skill base on roads a bit different to the Bridgend norm ,including central Cardiff yes we are a bit different but to be an effective driver you must be able to read the road when you are outside your comfort zone.


So by now I guess you are getting some idea that we mean business when it comes to your training and safety. So maybe check out our prices and see what you think. 



robert whyard adi