Welcome to our Driving School price list


Emma Passed with us in Bridgend and


"cannot recommend us highly enough" 


She invested in herself and gained a life skill which has opened doors and better choices for her future.



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We have a hourly rate the same as many bridgend driving schools and instructors, which takes into account yearly Insurance rises,Vehicle Price Rise and  Fuel Prices.  




                       Lessons are given in 2 hour sessions     


complete beginner                                           £33 per hour


Full license Holder  1 hour session                    £35 per hour


Extended test training                                      £35 per hour


Refresher training                                            £33 per hour


Test day use of vehicle for test                         £66



One complete day on motorway  driver training  (ie Birmingham)    £264 



Intensive Driving Course     20 hours      £800  £100 non refundable deposit prior to               when available                                          booking hours


                                           40 hours      £1600 £200 non refundable deposit prior to                                                                                  booking hours




None of our prices include  The DVSA practical driving test fee. That has to be paid and booked online. When booking your test please use the DVSA  at 


URL: https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test


This will avoid using third party sites who will charge you for using them.



please note *



That when an agreed lesson is booked we require 48 hours notice for cancellations.


Otherwise we will have to charge for the lesson price to cover time and loss of earnings.

Covid -19 symptoms as stated are the exception to this rule and no charge will be made for the lesson.




Robert Whyard ADI