So you want to learn to drive ..where do you start? who do you ask for help? what car do you learn in?will the instructor be good enough? how much will it cost.


These are just some of the things I guess which are going through your mind at the moment along with a bunch of nerves.


Well hopefully we can give you a good general overview about what it will really take to get "on the road" with family and friends.


At this early stage you need to consider a couple of things which can help you in the decision making process.


1. Do you want to learn  yourself or are you learning for someone else or for the benefit of others. Parents for example? In other words what is your motivation for driving. Once established this can help you and become a major driving force in obtaining your full UK driving license.


2. Can you commit yourself to regular driving  lessons? because if you cannot maybe consider doing this life changing thing at a time when  you can, is a better solution. Consistency is the key to learning to drive well.


3. How much will this cost and how long is this going to take?A difficult question to answer as everyone has different  levels of driver experience from complete beginner to practical test resits. The DVSA recommends that a complete beginner requires at least 45 hours training with an ADI and a further 20 hours with family on the road before they are test ready. I will however give you a very simple tool for this: when  you can put your hand on your heart and know that you can drive and manage with kids shouting for McDonald's in the back seat I would say you are pretty much ready for your test.


So the reality check is at least 65 hours on the road and the local hourly rates can be up to £40 per hour with some more and some less. You are now equipped to make your choice and should you have any further questions you can always call us on 07568570315.


kind regards

author robert whyard adi