From my understanding the test format will follow what I have outlined below as the new driving test with a few subtle changes.


1. you the pupil will be expected to wear a 3-layer face mask

2. Car sanitized before the examiner gets in for the test

3. Examiner uses ipad to record your test results and you will get a copy by email at the end of the test.

4. If you make a serious or dangerous fault whilst driving on the test route, instead of completing the test route the examiner will return you to the test centre and end the test.

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So what do I need to know for the New driving test..


Not so much new now, but starting from the perspective of a complete beginner what is it all about?


The job of a driving instructor is firstly to take you into the unknown, until the unknown becomes as comfortable as an old coat in each stage of your training until you are test ready.


many pupils ask when will I be test ready "well I will put that question back to you?  when you can put your hand on your heart  and state that you can drive on your own; with children in the back of the car safely. Then you will be test ready!"


Once test ready, what can you expect on arrival at the test centre ?


on the arrival of the examiner  He or She will check your driving license to make sure it is bona fide. then ask you to sign a declaration on the test form you will be marked on. 


Then its outside and an eyesight test to read a car number plate  URL: 20 metres.



Tell me / show me questions next, and all good instructors will guide you through these prior to your practical driving test.


the examiner will then ask you one tell me question when stationary and one show me question whilst on the move for a complete breakdown of the questions follow this link




The driving part lasts for about 40 minutes.

covering your general driving ability (normal stops by the side of the road. pulling out from behind a parked vehicle and hill starts.) reversing your vehicle (parallel park on the side of the road,park in a parking bay and pull up on the right side of the road reverse two car lengths and then rejoin traffic.) 20 of the 40 minutes is for your independent drive which will either be by sat nav or with the use of traffic signs.




You are allowed 15 driver faults (minor)

No Dangerous faults - faults that are actual danger to you 

No serious faults - which are faults that are potentially dangerous to you


The examiner will not take you on the motorway on your test even though you instructor is allowed too prior to your practical driving test.


Hopefully this will give you an indication of just how much work is involved and that's without the theory test.


Your Journey begins




Robert Whyard ADI